Kite - Jones Rokkaku 7

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Inventor: unknown Japanese 
Designer: Mike Jones
Skill level: Experienced
Optimum Wind: Force 3


The Rokkaku or 'Rok' for short is a design of 'ancient' Japanese origin. Nobody knows exactly how old the design is, but it is at least hundreds of years old. It is very efficient and is a favorite for lifting payloads reliably. It is preferred for KAP because it does not require a tail for stability, has an angle of attack or AoA that is simple to adjust, does not collapse and sink in lulls as soft kites do, and is easy to set-up.  

Our Rokkakus have been used for KAP to successfully shoot archeological surveys, Myan pyramids and ruins, breaching whales, other flying kites, pool parties, beach parties, lighthouses, sports events and more. 

I designed the 
7' version of our Rok with balance in mind. It has a wide range and can reach into the low end and the mid-range. While it performs best in comfortable to fly in moderate winds, it's range makes it the best 'utility' kite of our Roks. If you are getting started, or need to make your first Jones Airfoils kite really count, this is usually the way to go, unless your prevalent or preferred winds dictate another model to start with.