Cloth - Icarex Polyester

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Sold by the meter. 5 or more meters = $18.51 per meter. Does not include sublimation white. This product requires shipping in a long box. Does not come folded.

High quality Ripstop Polyester resistant to wear and tear

Light weight fabric: 37g/m²
Extreme airtightness
Extremely low stretch
Medium tear strength
Excellent ageing characteristics
Excellent uv resistance
Double sided pu coating
High tensile strength
​High dimensional stability

Icarex (PC31) performance polyester. .6 oz., outstanding UV performance and low stretch. Beautiful prismatic effects. A long time favorite for stunt kites. 140cm wide.

Icarex has set a standard in performance and durability.
It is also state of the art in ripstop polyester fabric for stunt kite applications. Strength and stability are at a premium for high-performance stunt kites.

Icarex– an exceptional lightweight fabric with high level air tightness and dimensional stability for all those applications where light weight airtightness and high dimensional stability are important