6/23/21 update

Here are answers to some of your questions:

Q: Will kites be available again soon?

A: Yes. Kites are being made and when complete, time of availability announcements will be posted and inventory will be updated. Everything in stock ships same or next day.

Q: Can I pre-order kites?

A: No. But please subscribe so you will be ready when inventory updates. Some color choices go faster than others. Subscribers to jonesairfoils.com are the 1st notified.

Q: Can I order a custom kite?

A: Not right now, we are busy with production kites.

Q: Where are your kites being made?

A: North Carolina, USA.

Q: Are there going to be new kites?

A: Yes. Many. I've been holding out and I'm not getting younger.

Q: Are you going to ship internationally?

A: Yes. That will be available again soon. Previous international customers are welcome to reach out if they need assistance.

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