Line, Dual - Climax Protec RTF

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The long life line! 5 x higher abrasion resistance than Spectra by the CSP technology, fiber protective finishing (climax PROTEC-method), excellent aerodynamics, pre-stretched. 

Many strengths are available in longer lengths so you can make it your own custom length, separate it into 2 sets, or make a quad set. For longer quad sets, buy 2 sets. A backup set is never a bad idea. Check out our sleeving offerings to help with finishing your lines if your application needs it.

Mirages typically use 50daN @ 15-25m outdoor.

 daN= pound test meters= feet
25 56.2 15 49.2
50 112.4 20 65.6
70 157.4 25 82.0
100 224.8 35 114.8
130 292.3 40 131.2


 "German engineering focused exclusively on purpose made kite lines. It's as excellent as you would think." -Mike Jones

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