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Mirage Blur Triples

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Optimum Wind: Force 3-4
Wind Range: Force 2-5
Skill: advanced
Type: Jones rhomboids
Sail: .6 oz. Ripstop polyester
Frame: carbon tubes
Inventor: Mike Jones

The Mirage Blur is an adaption of the old Warbird graphic, but the new Blur versions by Mike are much improved using sail making techniques for the Mirage frame resulting in even cleaner more precise flight. These are the kites Mike is most famous for, the original 'Fine Tethered Aerodynes'. These are more than kites they are a whole unique, fun and addictive way of flying, purposely built for flying to rock and up-tempo music with lightning response and precision in medium winds. Classic stunt kite fun with high performance, these deep dihedral stacks are capable of feets that were way ahead of their time and set the standard and defined the foundation of a 'sport'. Mirages are for some, a dance partner they never tire of or always come back to, having addictive qualities of stunt kites and fighter kites. You can truly lose or find yourself flying them. While classically famous for high wind performance, these precision crafted stacks are designed for winds most commonly found on vacation at the beach so you can be creative when you are most likely to have the time and frame of mind.

Kites are signed and numbered.

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