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Optimum Wind: Force 2.5
Wind Range: Force 2-3.5
Skill: Experienced
Sail: .6 oz Icarex
Frame: carbon tubes

The Rokkaku or 'Rok' for short is a design of ancient Japanese origin. It is very efficient and is a favorite for lifting payloads reliably. It is a favorite for KAP because it does not require a tail for stability, has an angle of attack or AoA that is simple to adjust to get it just right for the wind and is easy to set-up. We utilize our exclusive bowlines with settings that cannot come unadjusted in-flight. All seams along it's 6 panels are french felled along stretch lines. Top-shelf carbon tube frame fits into Kevlar pockets.

Our Roks are often the choice of kite aerial photographers for their performance and reliability. Our 'Roks' have been used for KAP to successfully shoot archeological surveys, Myan pyramids and ruins, breaching whales, pool parties, lighthouses and more. Attention to detail, top shelf materials and being a KAPer with lots of KAPer friends, I can pour that kind of feedback, knowledge and expereince into the kites.

8' Rok is well tuned to a range that KAPers seem to especially enjoy, so I designed this one for that sweet spot. While it's wind range is narrower than our other Roks, the conditions to fly it in can sometimes be far more common and persistent in some areas than our wider ranged smaller Roks depending on time of year. The 8' likes to fly best on those pleasant days when there is the constant hint of a breeze and no worries.

Yes, custom designs are available on our Roks! But if you plan on using them for payloads, our classic one color is a good choice. Keep in mind additional colors, complexity, art will be additional.

picture credits: Lovejoy, Murasawa, Attaway, Bart

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