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KAP Feather

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KAP Rig stabilizing vane
Invented by Mike Jones 2005

The KAP Feather is a device I invented for myself after becoming discouraged by how much pixel real-estate I was losing to tilted horizons. When the kite changes position in the sky, the line and rig must follow. When the kite settles or changes direction, inertia will carry the rig past resulting in tilted horizons. Of course, the less you have to crop the better, and in 2005 when the KAP Feather was invented no other acceptable solutions existed either. The KAP Feather does a good job of lessening this unwanted motion but does not eliminate all of it. It is best used in variable winds of light-moderate force, and has more effect on pendulum, light and 'micro' rigs. It is a great addition to a computer or gyro stabilized rig because the computer or gyro will do less work and the KAP Feather is only 9 grams.

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