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Invented by Mike Jones 2005/2011. The Jones Rig offers many noteworthy features of convenience for both beginner and pro AutoKAPers:

Easy to assemble- less than 5 minutes

lightweight for easy flying- Rig without camera weighs about 33 grams. Fly multiple cameras easily.

Simple and reliable- no wires to come loose or short, no batteries to go dead and replace. No expensive servos to malfunction or modify! No complex suspension system to tangle, get stuck or fuss with.

Stable- The Jones Airfoils KAP Feather provides all of the directional and rotational stability you need for your favorite AutoKAP camera.

Inexpensive- Saves you money so you can use it for some nice kites (hint hint) or a new AutoKAP camera!

Requires only your choice of AutoKAP camera. Fits GoPro Hero2 w/ tripod adapter perfectly.

Your Price:$65.00