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Dopero 111

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Optimum Wind: Force 2
Wind Range: Force 1-3
Skill: advanced only
Type: Roller
Sail: .6 oz. Ripstop polyester (PC31 Icarex)
Frame: carbon tubes
Inventor: Ralf Beutnagel

Invented by Ralf Beutnagel of Germany for light wind KAP in 1994, the Dopero is 2 Pearson-Roller kites side by side. The Dopero remains a favorite light wind kite design for skilled KAPers. Our Dopero 111 is an optimized version of the Maxi Dopero to take best advantage of the world's best materials currently available.

picture credits: Fitzhugh, Piorno, Jones, Armitage
pictures also show other size Doperos

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