"As of 2 flights last night I am at 70 KAP flights with the kite, 27 hours 54 minutes of KAP time with an average KAP flight of 23 mins 55 seconds.  I am EXTREMELY STUPENDOUSLY pleased with my new kite, it is an AMAZING instrument, headed out to fly now.  More information to come. Happy New Year to you and your family, Mike!  Thanks for an amazing instrument." -2022

Peter B, USA

"Kite flyers that have never flown your kites, have never flown. Out of all the 30 plus kites I own, my Mirages get flown more than any other and they last!!!! 25 to 30 year set." -2022

Phil M, USA

"I have now flown the Force 5 in a Bft5 wind and am very impressed! I've now flown the 7' and as expected, it's a delight!" -2021

David M, United Kingdom

"I still LOVE my Mirages!" -2022

Patricia W, USA


Dimension Polyent
North Sails